Let's talk about the boogeyman in the room: 

My 2021 Covid Policy

If you book with me and decide to postpone your original date, your first reschedule is free of charge if it falls within 12 months of your originally scheduled date. 

If you book with me and reschedule more than once within 12 months of your originally scheduled date, a $500 reschedule fee will be required for each reschedule after the first.

If you book with me and need to reschedule to a date more than 12 months away from your original date, your retainer will be forfeited and a new retainer will be required to book a new date.

If you are forced to forfeit your retainer for any reason, I will be more than happy to offer you a 2 hour portrait session anytime between now and November 1st of 2021 although your retainer will be non-refundable. After November 1st 2021 I will no longer be local to Michigan and my availability will be limited to any 2022 dates I will be coming back for in 2022 for my remaining couples. We will need to effectively communicate with one another to make sure you will be able to utilize this complementary session.

Beginning November 1st of 2021, I will be based in Oregon so if you are planning to elope, or your plans change to an elopement, I would be more than happy to help you with planning and coordination, for which you will be welcome to use your retainer towards if it takes place anytime in 2022. After 2022, your retainer will officially be forfeited. Just let me know and we can discuss this option at length.

All that being said, my retainer fee is no longer percentage based, but a flat rate of $1500. This amount is non-refundable and strictly used to reserve your date. Once I receive this + your signed contract, consider me all yours for the day!

Other things you should know:

I am only operating under legally approved circumstances. If your state regulations require a limit on gatherings and you choose not to follow it, I will not be in attendance and you will be forced to forfeit your retainer. 

Please do not try to side-step these protocols. They are being imposed for a reason. Being a service provider for these gatherings means I am not only serving you, but my couples before and after you. Which makes me one of, if not thee most at-risk person to have at your wedding. This is a decision I’d made with you and your loved ones in mind and trust you will respect it. 🖤

If you have any other questions regarding this policy, you may contact me via email at:


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