My name is Mioara and I am an avid traveler, adventure lover, photo obsessed and wedding photographer. I am forever inspired to create fun, classic, pictures that make couples not only look good, but feel good. 

In fact, that's how I began my photography journey! I'd dress-up and make-up my friends and pretend we were shooting for Vogue. We even got published in a few different magazines! But once I turned my attention to weddings, it felt like I'd finally found my opportunity to create meaningful work. Those pictures are not only for you, but will become a family heirloom for future generations to enjoy. That notion is so magical to me that I've fallen madly in love and focused on photographing weddings exclusively ever since! 

I believe wedding photos should reflect your true authentic self. My mission is to capture the essence of who you are so that 20 years from now, you can look back at these pictures and say "That was totally US!" My best advice to any newly engaged couple: treat your wedding experience with intention and keep your future selves in mind. After all is said and done, your photos and rings are some of the only things you take away and this is a story you will get to share for the rest of your lives together. Make it a good one.

If we get to work together, I'll always encourage you to do an engagement session. Set aside a day to do your favorite things, in regular apparel and just have fun. Let's go to your favorite date night spots, eat your favorite foods, make each other laugh and be silly together. Maybe that means sneaking onto rooftops, swimming in a lake, scrambling rocks, or playing at the sand dunes. Whatever makes you LIGHT up with joy, I want you to DO that and we'll create some incredible pictures together! ^_^

If this sounds like the type of photography you'd get excited for, fill out my contact form here! Please note, I take on a limited amount of weddings per year to make sure that every couple I am lucky enough to work with gets my full attention and is well taken care of. 

I have been photographing couples in love for over 10 years and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

My work has taken me across the world to places like Romania, Iceland, Thailand, the beautiful American southwest as well as the pacific north west like Bend, Oregon and Crater Lake. I go on roadtrips often and will pretty much go ANYWHERE to photograph you! Like I said, travel is my JAM.

My love for fashion is what inspired me to be a photographer first.

And my love for people brought me to weddings! As my previous couples can attest, I have a tendency to turn into your own personal hype girl from behind the lens and I like to harness my inner editorial photographer at every wedding to create unique images that tell YOUR story. 

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Favorite Book

The Alchemist


travel, reading, coffee & quirky indie films 

When I'm not working I'm probably...

exploring the great outdoors

being one with nature. Yes, it sounds cliché but have you ever felt how small you are on a mountain top? It's exhilarating.

running... yes, for fun!

my job is very physical so I try to stay in shape to keep up with all my couples' adventures!

campfires are my happy place!

is it weird that I love smelling like campfire smoke? I caaaan't be the only one...

sorry TLC, I love chasing waterfalls

I found this one in Romania and it's one of my faves, called the Bigar Cascade Falls. Highly recommend seeing it in person!

my favorite show is a good sunset

but The Office is a close second 😉

I will paddleboard any body of water I see

I'm not actually in this picture but this couple was celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary at the Salton Sea and I just happened to capture a pic prior to hanging out & sharing travel stories. ^_^

"Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known." - Carl Sagan

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