The Importance of A Wedding Album

fine art luxury wedding albums offered with choice of genuine leather, vegan leather and linen covers.

Let’s Talk About Wedding Albums

In today’s digital age it’s easy to store everything on our devices. Sure, our phones, computers, “the Cloud” all are super convenient. However, technology issues happen all the time. If you’ve invested significantly into your wedding photos, I highly encourage you to also invest in a physical wedding album full of all the priceless memories you’ll cherish forever. If not for you, for the future generations eager for a glimpse into your legacy.

There is something really magical about holding your literal memories in your hands. I’m guilty of not printing enough pictures myself but those big, monumental moments? You bet they get printed!

As important as it is to invest in great photography for your wedding day, your wedding album should be equally as much of a priority. 

Let’s be real, technology isn’t always on our side. And trust me, it’s super annoying trying to find your wedding photos in a phone full of thousands of other pictures. Do you really want to do the doom scroll on your phone for 20 min or effortlessly pull a beautiful, personalized, heirloom off your living room shelf?

Your wedding day should be carefully preserved so that you can look back on those memories for years to come. It may be everything in your world right now but try to think about 5, 10, 20 years down the road when life inevitably happens and you want to look back on those happy memories all those years ago.

Wedding albums offer a tangible way to reflect on your special day and those invaluable memories. 

Bonus: Smaller versions of your wedding album can make great Christmas gifts for loved ones!

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